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Happy Dog Training

The philosophy of Happy Dog Training is to integrate your dog into Happy Dog Houseyour family, thereby increasing his or her chances of a happy co-existence with the family. Due to this mission, Happy Dog Training is extremely sensitive to very individualized dog problems and strive to find techniques that you will be able to duplicate and feel comfortable with.

The services of Happy Dog include group classes in 6 locations, private lessons at your home and at the abington location, animal caregiver and dog trainer apprenticeship programs and a new cageless dog boarding and daycare center called happy-dog house at the abington location.

Lisa Aprea is the principal trainer and owner of Happy Dog Training. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Sciences focusing on learning theory, studied dog training through an apprenticeship and is holder of an MBA. Her fieldwork includes employment at the MSPCA Boston Animal Shelter, where she worked as an animal evaluator and adoption counselor.

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We are currently offering private lessons at your home and telephone consultations.

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for directions go to 'cageless pet care' click here.

Happy Dog Training

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